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Does Your Organization Suffer From a Lack of Worker Engagement?

March 28, 2014

Does Your Organization Suffer From a Lack of Worker Engagement_Article.png 

One of the hottest topics today continues to be lack of worker engagement. One way to increase your team's engagement is to articulate  "where you are going".

Imagine driving in the fog. You drive slower, turn off the radio because it is distracting. You most likely will notice you are holding the wheel really tight because you are quite tense. As the fog lifts you start to drive faster and with more natural instincts. You most likely turn the radio back on and relax your hands on the wheel to a more natural position.

Your team reacts the exact same way when you lead them with your vision, when you tell them "where you are going" and lift the fog. Take a look at the enclosed link for the new CEO of Microsoft and how he articulated vision using these powerful tips.

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