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Who Should REALLY Get That Promotion?

July 19, 2018
Who should REALLY get that promotion_Article

Let me ask you a question. In your experience, observation, or your best practices in your organization; who do we typically promote into leadership roles? The answer that I hear most often is:  "People who are technically the most competent."

Sales managers, many times, come from being the top salesmen in the company, and it goes on and on in technically driven companies. In engineering driven companies, many times the leaders were the most technically competent can be a trap. So, what I want to talk about today is how do you find, how do you develop leaders?

I want you to look at competencies. First, competency is defined merely as an ability or skill determine for your company. The competencies that you want to evaluate as you look at future leaders, perhaps five to ten of them, (it depends on how you want to see it.)

Let me review some common leadership competencies: problem-solving, delegating, coaching for effectiveness, self-awareness, strategic thinking, stress tolerance. Those are some competencies. Here are some facts about competencies: They're like muscles, some are very well-developed in people; they're strong, they're leveraged, they have energy around them, and others they hardly use and so they're weakened and exhausted just like a muscle that's not used.

So, find ways to develop the competencies of leaders in your future leaders. Then look at behaviors. Behaviors are grouped underneath those competencies. Behaviors like: Communications, listening, concentration, self-responsibility, planning, organizing, negotiating, decisiveness.

If you look at behavior and competencies, you will develop an excellent strategic plan on who your leader should be, what your future leaders should look like, and then maybe create some learning and development programs based around those competencies and behaviors.

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