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The Importance of Modeling the Way

March 27, 2015

The Importance of Modeling the Way_ Article.png

There are many interesting benefits that are born out of the successful implementation of the behaviors that encompass the practices of exemplary leaders.

Recently, one of my clients conveyed to me how she was making better and faster decisions. She attributed it to the work we do in “Model the Way”. One of our key exercises is to clearly identify each leader’s five personal core values. This particular leader recounted how at every opportunity where a decision is needed she reviews the possible decisions against her five core values then makes her decision. She said that she now makes decisions quicker and is more confident about her outcomes based on using her five core values as the main basis.

In addition she is using the same criteria for her business, personal and social life. She is finding even her children are commenting on the difference they see in her. As you all know, we lead everywhere we are in life, in our community, in our homes, in our churches and of course in our career work.

If you want to easily come to understand your core values and the importance of modeling the way, email me and I will explain a simple way to accomplish it.

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