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Success Using The Leadership Challenge

July 30, 2014

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I just returned from The Leadership Challenge conference in New Orleans. Spending time with Jim Kouzes and Barry Pozner was so energizing. One thing that hit me was the diversity of entities embracing and driving The Leadership Challenge through their organizations.

Here is a sampling of the case studies presented by each organization of their success using The Leadership Challenge:

1.    The Kansas City Federal Reserve: They have integrated The Leadership Challenge competences into performance management, leadership succession and employee development.

2.    The Island of Kauai: The Leadership Challenge is their foundation for developing leadership behaviors into the 21st Century.

3.    Century Link Technology Solutions:  The Company continues to achieve results amid tremendous organizational change and uses the leadership model to solve real business issues.

4.    The State of Washington: The Leadership Challenge is playing a key role in WA's effort to reinvent government and bring greater effectiveness, efficiency and accountability.

5.    SAS: Fortunes 2014 Best Place to Work #2: SAS has implemented several initiatives to increase their leaders practice to challenge the company's process across the organization.

6.    Fifth Third Bank: The Five Practices of an Exemplary Leader has been the cornerstone of improvement through a purposeful and significant shift in culture.

These are just a few of the companies who traveled to New Orleans to tell their success stories. Many other non-profit and for-profit organizations large and quite small were there as well to network, learn even more about leadership and relay their stories of success using The Leadership Challenge.

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