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Questions to Help you Find the Right Candidate for Job

July 2, 2019

Questions to Help you Find the Right Candidate for Job_The Leadership Quest_Leadership Training Pittsburgh

One of the key behaviors in an organization that you spend a lot of time on is interviewing.

If you hire the right employee and then coach them appropriately, you've got a winning formula.

Here are a few interviewing best practices:

One, chose who is going to do your interviews, your interviewing team, and make sure that you train them. I'm going to discuss later, some of the things you might train them on.

Two, ideally, each candidate should have two to four people who interview them, and they all should be interviewed separately. You should use a predetermined list of questions for your interviews.

Three, have a consistent evaluation process, whether it's one-to-five, and one means unacceptable and five means excellent, but have a consistent evaluation process.

There are three types of questions you can ask in the interview process.

One, straight forward questions. These are open-ended, don't ask yes or no questions, and they're direct questions about the person's skills, availability, background. Examples:  Tell me about your last job? What were your responsibilities? When are you available to work? Let's just pretend that we were to hire you. When would you be available to start?

Two, behavioral questions. This is where 80-90% of your time should be. Target specific competencies. Examples: Tell me about a time…? Describe a time for me…? These questions are based on job competencies.

Three, situational questions. Examples: What would you say to an irate customer? What would you do if you saw a co-worker stealing? Trust me, smart candidates know the right answers, whether it's how they would behave or not.

Pro tip: Observe their body language and tonality.

Body language is 55%, tonality is 38%, spoken words in an interview are only 7%.

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