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Most Leaders Don't Fail Because of Technical Ability

November 1, 2017


The most common question that I get asked, both from leaders and aspiring leaders, is: “What’s the most important characteristic of successful leaders?” The most important choice that successful leaders make is the choice to be lifelong learners.

Most leaders don’t fail because of technical ability, but because they choose not to change their attitudes and behaviors.

Attitude can be summed up as how you feel about your organization, market, team, peers, and yourself. Overall, your attitude is what you bring to the table.

Behaviors include the daily, weekly, and monthly activities that drive you closer towards your goals and action plans.

Ultimately, to be successful you must consider three key points: your attitude, behavior, and technique. In order to reframe your attitude, you need to change your actions, which in turn affects your results and beliefs.

One method to help change your attitude, that I personally use, is daily journaling. This process takes about 5 – 7 minutes of your day and can influence your entire attitude.

To learn more about the journaling method, or to join the accountability group that I formed in order to hold all of us accountable to journal daily, please email me at

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