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Modeling the Way Through Company Values

December 15, 2015

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One of the five practices of an exemplary leader is to Model the Way. Model the Way is the easiest practice to understand and grasp, but can be one of the harder practices to execute (especially in stressful, tense work environments). Many times we are focused on other priorities and this practice gets pushed to the side.

Below is an example of Modeling the Way through company values:

Let’s pretend that either you or your company committed to a value of “customer service orientation.” You will want to make sure that the value of customer service orientation is aligned with:

Critical incidents

Here’s what I mean:

Calendars: Does your calendar reflect meaningful time put aside for interfacing with customers?
Critical incidents: When a critical incident with a customer arises do you jump into the middle of it to solve it?
Stories: Do you tell the stories of successful interactions with customers to your company?
Language: Are the words used in your company about customers complimentary or something less?
Measurements: Do you execute meaningful measurements of customer service?
Rewards: Do you reward staff in any way when they have a quality customer service dealing?

In order to effectively Model the Way through company values, take some time to review your personal and company values and do an inventory against the above criteria to help determine your level of alignment.

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