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Micromanaging or Hands Off?

September 27, 2013

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Often times when talking to those who are led by someone else I hear words of frustration like: "My boss gave me a project and he is constantly looking over my shoulder, almost daily asking me questions about status and giving me advice on how to do this task, it's so frustrating.” OR " My boss gave me a project with no direction, no background, really no information at all, just a ‘getter done’. I wish he gave me some insight."

Both of these are ineffective approaches. You must decide who is to do a project and exactly what work is to be done then follow some simple steps to avoid both micromanaging and being too hands off...

1. Meet with direct report (DR) and outline scope and expected outcome of project.

2. Explain why the person was chosen, why the project is important to organization etc.

3. Discuss organization support or training needed.

4. Have DR outline potential procedures/tasks/strategy to accomplish project (draw solutions out of DR vs. you telling them the solutions).

5. Explain level of power given to DR.

6. Agree on method of your follow up on progress/milestones (put it in your calendar now).

Are you micromanaging or hands off? This will help you be more comfortable with a process that let's your people learn, develop and feel a sense of accomplishment for a project well done.

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