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Master Delegation Behaviors

April 12, 2017


In today’s organizations, leaders are neither able nor expected to do everything themselves. The consequences of attempting to do this are dreadful.One of the five practices of exemplary leadership from the book, The Leadership Challenge, is: Enable Others to Act. In simple language, this means that you are effective at delegation.

As you know, leadership is a set of repeatable behaviors that you consistently execute. Here are some of the leadership behaviors that are involved with enabling others to act/delegate:

  1. Grant your people authority
  2. Give your people the means to do the job
  3. Encourage your people’s goals
  4. Ask your people for input
  5. Allow your people to teach you
  6. Include your people in your decision-making process
  7. Reward your people’s initiative
  8. Designate OTHER leaders
  9. Give your people positive feedback
  10. Listen to your people and ask them great questions
  11. Celebrate mistakes
  12. Mentor your people on a regular cadence
  13. Trust your people to do the right thing
  14. Get out of your people’s way

When put together, these are simple behaviors that will help you to not only enable your people to act, but also empower you to master delegation. Effective delegation is the mark of a good leader and is essential to work efficiency and effectiveness. Good luck!

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