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Leadership: Going from Good to Great

June 27, 2016

Leadership_Going from Good to Great__ Article.pngWhen I am talking with leaders in an informal setting, like a networking event or even something going on in my neighborhood, I consistently get asked one question: “What are the one or two things I can do differently as a leader that will take me from average to great or from good to great?”

Going from good to great as a leader is fairly simple. At the end of the day, your constituents want to know two things. They want to know who you are, as a leader, and where you are taking them.

Who you are as a leader revolves around your values. Get in touch with your values. Get a deck of value cards or a similar exercise, from this exercise select five of your top values, put them up on your wall and live by them. Connect your values to everything you are doing. Whether you know it or not, your first filter for any decision you make for your company or organization goes through your value filter. So, get in touch with them and communicate them with your constituents.

The second thing they want to know is where you are taking them. That is your vision. Write a vision out for what the future looks like for your organization or department. Keep it simple. Don’t make it perfect, just have something. It starts to speak to where you want to take them. Maybe just two to five years, but it can be shorter or it can be longer.

At the end of the day, who you are and where you are taking them is what your constituents want to know. If you communicate that effectively, you’ll be able to go from good to great.

Do you have questions about getting in touch with your values or writing a vision? Email me:

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