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Leadership Behaviors of Empowerment

February 25, 2015

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As a leader, how do you empower your people to take action?

Enable others to act, one of the 5 practices of exemplary leaders, is probably the most often cited as having the largest area of need for improvement. This practice is, in part, about delegation and accountability.

One of the exercises we do is to discuss actions leaders take to make constituents feel empowered and enabled. In other words what actions, every day actions, do we execute that make people feel competent and what behaviors make people less than competent or disabled.

The following are leadership behaviors of empowerment:

• Let people contribute to a key project or task.

• Give total support to a project or task.

• Recognize contributions made on a project or task.

• Give total responsibility and authority to complete the project or task.

• Treat employees as subject matter experts on the task at hand.

Conversely, disabling and dis-empowering behaviors are:

• Give responsibility without authority.

• Do not recognize contributions made on the task.

• Do not allow decisions to be made.

• Make decisions on a task without asking for input from constituents.

• Criticize results in public.

• Do not fully inform constituents about the task or project at hand.

Practice the behaviors of empowerment and you will get more done in your organization while everyone exhibits high morale.

Are you struggling to empower your constituents to act on their own? Please email me to find out more about leadership behaviors of empowerment.


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