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Leadership and Self-Awareness

April 29, 2015

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Recently, 31 leadership experts were called upon to list their top 3 skills or traits of a great leader.

Here are the top 7 vote getters:

1. Integrity (10 votes)
2. Helps Others Succeed (8 votes)
3. Self-Awareness (7 votes)
4. Vision (7 votes)
5. Commitment (6 votes)
6. Humility (6 votes)
7. Listening (6 votes)

Leadership and self-Awareness is often mentioned but not always understood. Let me say explain it this way: Great musicians, no matter what instrument they play, learn to master their instrument. The instrument of great leaders is the mastery of themselves. They are intentional and lifelong learners of themselves and others. They understand how their actions and words impact others. They take the responsibility that “all eyes are on them” and effectively model the way in their organizations. They are not afraid to build relationships at the emotional level with those they lead. They have presence in everything they do and are present in conversations (actively listen). The great leader also has the courage to look in the mirror and face their own challenges.

The good news is all this can be learned and with practice anyone can improve their own self-awareness and many of the other traits that great leaders exhibit.

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