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Increase Your Self-Awareness

October 18, 2017


The most effective leaders have a high-level of self-awareness. Your capacity for self-awareness increases your ability to influence outcomes and inspire others. It also allows you to recognize strengths and identify potential blind spots.

Here are 3 things you can start practicing today to increase your self-awareness as a leader:

1) Ask others for feedback. Open yourself up to constructive criticism from your peers and direct reports. This gives you a chance to see their true perception of you, and by simply asking for feedback, you will be viewed differently.

2) Schedule periods of self-debrief. On your calendar, schedule time intentionally to reflect on the current situation and tasks on hand. Ponder about what you did well, areas to improve, and what actions to take next time.

3) Separate your “I” from your “R”. It is important to separate your identity from your role in the company. Work to keep who you are as a person separate from your role as a leader and do not let them become intermingled. People perform in their roles only in a manner that’s consistent with how they view themselves conceptually.

The method I personally use to separate my “I” from my “R” is daily journaling. To learn more about the journaling method, or to join the accountability group that I formed in order to hold all of us accountable to journal daily, please email me at

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