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Do You Manage or Lead?

September 12, 2017


Often, I hear people use the words leadership and management interchangeably, as if they are the same word. Quite honestly, I think they are very different. Ask yourself this:  Do leaders manage and do managers lead? Absolutely. They are distinct qualities and have their different characteristics.

One of the goals of great leader is the ability to devote more time for actual leadership.

Leadership is what you do with people, while management is what you do with things.  The goal of exceptional leaders is to spend more time with their people and less time on things.

If you could move 10% of you time to people, no matter where you are in the leadership continuum, you will be a better leader.

Let me give you some examples of what leaders do compared to managers:

Leaders plan strategy with people, but managers are tactical. Managers come up with all the tactics.

Leaders look for the long-range perspective. Managers look at the short-term perspective.

Leaders should spend their time asking why. Managers ask how and when.

Leaders ask questions. Managers give answers.

Think about where you are spending your time. Try and spend 10% more time with people.

If you ask 10 of the top leaders in your company to spend 10% more time leading, you would create one more full time leader. That is game changing for your organization.

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