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Developing Talent

June 4, 2018


As a leader, you should be proactively seeking out opportunities to engage your emerging leader’s talents with tasks so that you are able to assess their organization and the beginnings of their leadership abilities.

The first step to engaging an emerging leader is to identify the person or people in your organization that you think could take on responsibility.

Next, you with want to help them by forwarding them resources (I.E. blogs, videos, etc.) to encourage and develop their leadership. I personally refer to, TED talks, The Wall Street Journal, or my website resources.

When you do this, you will begin to inspire them to be more positive and productive leaders as well as have more engaged conversations when them. This adds tremendous value to the organization.

As leaders, it is our responsibility to bring developing talent into the fold. They are the future leaders of our industries and they are smart, full of purpose, and innovative. Are you doing what you can to engage your emerging leaders in a meaningful way?

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