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Develop Leadership Capabilities

July 31, 2015

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Most improvement comes from changing behaviors. It really does not matter whether you are trying to upgrade your status of your health by exhibiting an increased cadence of exercise or developing your leadership capabilities by making progress on behaviors associated with leadership.

Here are the five practices of a great leader and some behaviors you can exhibit to enhance your leadership effectiveness and develop your leadership capabilities.

Model The Way: Do you follow through on the promises and commitments you make?

Inspire a Shared Vision: Do you “paint the big picture” of what the company and its people aspire to accomplish?

Challenge the Process: Do you encourage experiments and risk taking even when there is a chance of failure?

Enable Others to Act: Do you ensure that your people grow in their jobs by learning new skills and develop themselves?

Encourage the Heart: Do you make it a point to let people know about your confidence in their abilities?

Practice these behaviors and you will be sure to increase your leadership effectiveness.

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