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Creating a Personal Vision

January 28, 2019
Creating a Personal Vision_ The Leadership Quest_ Leadership Training_ Pittsburgh

All leaders need to have a vision for their company, for their division, for their department.

Depending on where you are in the leadership hierarchy depends on:

  1. How big that vision needs to be
  2. How complex that vision needs to be
  3. How simple that vision needs to be
  4. or How direct that vision needs to be

For example: If you’re leading the company you want to create a vision for the company. If you’re leading a big division, you want to have a vision for that part of your company.

However, there is another component that’s going to help you, and that’s to create a personal vision.

Here are a few questions to point your personal vision in a meaningful direction:

  1. “What did I accomplish last year?”
  2. “What were my biggest disappointments?”
  3. “What energizes me?”
  4. “In the last three years, I would like to have experience or accomplished X.”
  5. “My financial goals are X.”
  6. “My personal goals are X.”
  7. “My spiritual goals are X.”
  8. “My community goals are X.”

Those things should encompass your personal vision. Be sure to remember to keep them in the form of a SMART goals:

  • Specific: Someone else should be able to understand your personal vision goals.
  • Measurable: What can you measure along the way to ensure your success.
  • Accountable: You should share your personal vision within your sphere of influence.
  • Realistic: These goals should be stretch goals, but still meaningful.
  • Time-bound: You may create a one year, three years, five-year personal vision

Personal vision and professional vision are critical to your individual success and the company’s success.

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