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Creating a Culture of Accountability

July 25, 2017

Do you have a culture of accountability at your company? Most companies do not. From the public corporation to the medium and small companies no one seems to understand accountability from the top down.

Here is a short way to look at accountability:

At the center of everything you want to do there needs to be goal clarity and role clarity. Everyone in your company needs to know their daily, weekly, and monthly behaviors that support their goals.

For example:

Are they clear about their actual goals?

Are they in the form of SMART goals? (Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound)

Are your people clear about their responsibilities?

Are they clear about the actions they need to take?

Are they clear about the consequences of inaction?

I believe there needs to be a cadence of accountability a weekly, bi weekly, or maybe even a monthly meeting. I think that monthly is too far apart, preferably a weekly or bi weekly meeting.

These are the questions you need to ask yourself in coaching sessions when you are talking about accountability, aside from the goals and behaviors:

One, am I giving enough support both organizational, supervisory (my support) and work team support?

Two, am I giving them freedom? The freedom to direct the important aspects of their work.

Three, am I giving them enough information? Do they have access to the relevant information needed to perform their job?

Four, do they have the resources? Do they have access to the resources to do their job?

If they answer to these questions are yes, weekly and bi weekly meetings around goals will strengthen your culture of accountability. 

Do struggle to establish accountability in your organization? Email me: and I will be happy to help.

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