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Are You Working IN or ON the Business?

April 22, 2016

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Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall. — Stephen R Covey

Are you leading your business, or is your business leading you? Are you Working IN or ON the business and where do your passions really lie?

Every successful leader can find themselves in a position where they’re doing too much of the work that they’re good at, but not enough of the work they love. The trick is to find the intersection of what you are good at doing and what you love doing, that is the sweetest spot to be in. Of course there are things we all have to do that we don’t want to do but if we can spend 70-80% of our time doing what we are good at and what we also love then tremendous satisfaction and productivity is the result.

We all have our strengths and, when leveraged, can find ourselves in a position where we feel our work is making a true difference. When our strengths aren’t in play, we can find ourselves feeling less passionate about the work that comes our way. We may get bored and discouraged and certainly are less productive.

Some leaders are always trying to shore up their own weaknesses and the personal weaknesses of those who report to them instead of concentrating on their strengths. It can be incredibly exasperating.

Gallup has developed a great, simple assessment called the Strengths Finder to aid you in understanding both what you are good at doing and what you love to do.

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