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A Critical Behavior for Leadership Success

April 9, 2019

A Critical Behavior for Leadership Success

Great leaders ask great questions. Unfortunately, leaders are also always called upon to give answers.

One of the skills you should work on as a leader is the ability to ask questions, this will directly reflect on how good a leader you are.

Great leaders ask great questions, they gather information from their constituents not give information. Let me give you an example:

Let’s pretend last week you observed one of your constituents behaving in a way that maybe you were questioning what was going with them. Instead of telling them what they did the question might be:

“Sally, last week when you were at the staff meeting and you became impatient with John's question, tell me what was going on with you at that time? What was going through your head that allowed you to sort of become impatient and sort of use the tonality that you used with John in last week's meeting?”

It would be a simple question just like that, instead of telling that person what they did you're asking them what went on. It's asking questions versus telling- this is a critical behavior that will have a direct impact on your continuing success developing and leading your team.

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