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8 Ways to Build a Better Team

February 2, 2018


Here are leadership behaviors that you can implement now to build a better team.

  1. Help your frontline managers master their roles.

A recent study found that more than 70% of senior managers were unhappy with their frontline management performance; 80% of frontline managers themselves said they were dissatisfied with their own performance. While these numbers are alarming, it can be better prevented by instilling self-awareness within your own team. Help your frontline managers to fully understand their strengths and weaknesses to ensure they are equipped to make effective day-to-day decisions.

  1. Help them be more politically savvy.

Frontline managers have to manage internal stakeholders and navigate internal politics within the organization. Enhancing these skills can help them interact efficiently with others.

  1. Create a culture of continuous learning.

Debrief all events that transpired with managers and cover what went well, what didn’t go well, what actions and behaviors to repeat, and what should not be repeated. Use everyday events as learning opportunities.

  1. Improve upon their communication skills.

Be aware of different D.I.S.C. styles to more effectively communicate with different personalities within the organization.

  1. Remind them to inspire others.

Find out and communicate the “why” behind the “what”. Spark innovation, rather than silencing it. Demonstrate trust with their innovators and empowerthem. Reward and praise risk. Remember, the only way innovation flourishes is in a culture where you reward and praise risk-taking.

  1. Help them break down their innovative projects.

Build small and steady wins that lead to a larger reward.

  1. Support frontline managers in their developmental efforts.

Build goals into their monthly and weekly behaviors and competencies. Discuss with them openly what training they need to support their development, and then provide it.

  1. Follow up with training.

Whether the training is online, off-site, or in-house, be sure to follow up and meet with the team member to discuss what was learned and how to best apply it. Continue to discuss methods to support their efforts.

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