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5 Steps to Creating Organizational Excellence

September 26, 2018


Have you ever thought about how you, as a leader, can develop organizational excellence?

I have a five-step process that I teach to enable organizational excellence.

1) What is your PLAN? What is your vision and values for the organization? Have you begun to think about your strategic plan and goals? Your goals should be SMART and you should begin to think about how you can drive them through the organization.

2) What POSITIONS do you need?
You should begin to plan out what your org chart looks like in one year and in future years. You may need more positions or different positions in order to achieve the plan that you came up with.

3) Who are the PEOPLE you need? You will need to hire people for the positions to discover you need. You need to get the RIGHT people in the RIGHT seats on the bus. This could mean you need recruiting efforts or developing a hiring and on-boarding process.

4) What are the PROCESSES? Think about the systems you need to solidify, improve, or create to help make your organization excellent?

5) What are the PERFORMANCE metrics? Think about how you will measure success.

In order to develop organizational excellence, you should PLAN, think about the POSITIONS you need, uncover the PEOPLE who fit into those positions, decide what PROCESSES need to be in place, and then determine what PERFORMANCE metrics should be in place.

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