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5 Step Process to Gain Accountability

August 26, 2015

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Accountability continues to be a very valuable topic today for my clients. They tell me there is real confusion on the topic and quite honestly far too little accountability being executed in their companies. I am going to discuss a 5 step process to gain clear agreement on what needs to be held accountable.

1. What is the TASK ? Define the task, project, activity I am taking ownership of?


• Level of Detail
• Format
• Measure of standards
• Customer/end user of information, product or service

3. What ACTIONS will I take to accomplish the task, project, outcome or deliverable?

• Others Involved
• Authority needed
• Assistance needed
• Resources needed

4. What are the BY WHENS? What are the deadlines ?

5. What are the STAKES associated with this task, project, activity ?

• Benefits of completing
• Consequences of not completing
• Who will be impacted

If you write the answers out to these 5 steps, in any form you desire, you will gain needed clarity for true accountability.

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