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5 Fundamentals of Leadership

August 1, 2018

There are a few critical fundamentals of leadership and ways that you can effectively apply to your everyday work life.

Here is a list for five fundamentals of leadership:

First, leadership is everybody's business. It's not a title; it's not a place, it's not a position. There are examples all over the marketplace of twelve-year-olds leading and 60-year-old CEO's who don't lead; so, it's everybody's business.

Second, leadership is a relationship. It could be one-to-one, it could be one to many.

Third, leadership is self-development. The instrument of a musician is the mastery of his instrument. The instrument of the leader is the mastery of ourselves.

Fourth, the best leaders are lifelong learners. If you're reading this blog, that's because you are a learner.

Fifth, leadership takes practice. It takes deliberate practice to be a leader. It's an aspiration and a choice, and of course, leaders make a difference.

Why am I talking about this? I want to bring up something that I say to all of my leaders, and that is: "silence is affirmation."

Let me say it one more time... Your silence at critical times is perceived as affirmation.

You have a choice in critical situations: When people are saying things that don't fit the culture of your company, you have an opportunity to say something or not say something. When you make a choice not to say something your co-workers, your peers, the people who report to you, are taking your silence as affirmation.

So, be careful. There are going to be countless times where the values and culture of your organization are going to be called upon critically by people in your organization. Be careful of your silence because they take it as affirmation. Whether you believe it or not it is true.

Choose to speak up. Choose to speak up in critical times.

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