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3 Step Process for Delivering Feedback

July 20, 2016

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You can avoid common feedback mistakes by learning how to easily communicate important information about performance to direct reports, peers or superiors in a way that helps them hear and understand exactly what you are saying.

Here is an easy 3 step process for delivering feedback, use the acronym SBI.

S = Capture the Exact Situation: The first step is to capture and clarify the specific situation in which the behavior occurred. For example say “On Tuesday, in the break room with John and Mary” rather than “ A couple days ago at the office with a few people”

B = Describe the Behavior: One of the most common mistakes happens when judgements are communicated using adjectives vs words that describe the behavior exhibited. For example saying “ You were rude during the meeting." vs. “You interrupted and then spoke over me several times during last Wednesday’s meeting."

I = Explain the Impact: The final step is to relay the impact that’s the behavior had on you. For example : “ When you interrupted and then spoke over me several times during last Wednesday’s meeting, I felt like you had no interest in my opinion and I felt undervalued.”

Following these guidelines works for both positive and negative feedback and will go a long way in helping to positively impact negative behaviors.

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